Blind at the Museum


vision.  What does it mean to see?  What are the limits or liability of the gaze?  Blind at the Museum held at the Berkeley Art Museum, January 29th to July 25th, 2005 and co-curated by Elizabeth Dungan and Katherine Sherwood investigates the nature of blindness and the visual arts. Rather than thinking about blindness and sight as polar opposites, artist in this exhibit encourage us to explore the wide range of optical experiences along the continuum.  Included were artists who investigate the unreliability of vision, artists who are blind and yet committed to the visual arts, and artists who rethink the activities of viewing within the museum. As part of a larger movement of institutional critique, Blind at the Museum prompts us to reconsider the practice of looking within the museum and to imagine new ways of seeing for all viewers.  This web site offers an opportunity to explore these issues even now that the exhibit is over.


introduction to exhibit audio HERE