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Welcome. The Blind at the Museum exhibition and conference provided a reframing of blindness and what it means to view a work of art; it proposes a rethinking of access, disability, and the museum. The very notion of the blind visual artist can alter our expectations of the museum and the role of the viewer. Prompted by disability rights legislation, museums around the world have undertaken to make their exhibitions more accessible, but this access tends to relegate blind patrons to “special” programming and collections. Often, concerns about access address the physical environment and design—large font size, ramps—rather than diversifying perceptual and intellectual access to artwork. If technologies of vision (such as lenses) change our experiences and if peripheral vision, blind spots, or floaters influence our notions of looking, how might alternative perspectives and technologies invite us to adopt new behaviors and approaches? As part of a larger movement of institutional critique, Blind at the Museum prompts us to reconsider the practice of looking within the museum, and to imagine new ways of seeing and knowing for all viewers.

While the exhibition and conference are over, this website offers an opportunity to keep exploring what it means to see.  Enjoy.

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